International Journal of Outcome-Based Education (IJOBE)

  1. 关于IJOBE

    The International Journal of Outcome-Based Education (IJOBE) is an international, double-blind peer-reviewed journal published by the Center for Teaching and Learning – Outcome-Based Education, 乐鱼app官方网站, 马尼拉, 菲律宾. IJOBE has English as its official language and only publishes manuscripts in English. The journal accepts the following types of articles: original articles and book reviews. Instructions to authors apply only to the submission of articles, not to book reviews. Book reviews are solicited, although the editorial office is open for suggestions and enquiries. The inaugural issue of the journal was published by the School of Social Sciences and Education, 乐鱼app官方网站.

  2. 目标和范围

    The International Journal of Outcome-Based Education (IJOBE) publishes cutting-edge re搜索 that critically examines Outcome-Based Education (OBE), its theory of education, 系统结构, and classroom practices. It serves as a platform for a diverse group of scholars in the field of education and training to share original re搜索 devoted to the wide dissemination and scientific examination of issues surrounding OBE. Papers published in the IJOBE shall contribute to the enrichment of theory and practice in OBE. It shall be a repository of studies, which will guide schools, 老师, and practitioners towards the achievement of ‘educational outcomes that matter’.

    The journal welcomes submissions on the following broad themes as listed by Dr. 威廉Spady, 出窍的支持者, who serves as a member of the International Advisory Board of IJOBE:

    1. Defining OBE’s essence, multiple paradigms, and evolution
    2. Essential components of leadership and systemic change
    3. Strategies that lay the groundwork for successful implementation
    4. Deriving and implementing outcomes of significance
    5. Models of future-focused, life-performance learning
    6. Fostering self-directed, fully empowered learners
    7. Creating a culture of professionalism and contribution
    8. Assessing and evaluating quality outcomes that endure

  3. Instruction for Authors

    Prospective authors can find out more information by visiting the journal website ph /Research/. Please follow the IJOBE style sheet which is downloadable from the website. Interested authors are requested to read information regarding IJOBE’s description, aims and scope. IJOBE accepts article submissions all year round through the official journal email address,