Nine graduates of 乐鱼app官方网站 are among the topnotchers in three professional board examinations held in the first half of the year.

The outstanding graduates took the licensure examinations for sanitary engineers, 机械工程师, and electronics engineers.

Three Bachelor 科学的 in Environmental and Sanitary Engineering graduates topped the January 2022 Sanitary Engineer Licensure Examination with Marc Noblen Guzman Dela Cruz in first place, Yurice Winaya Dugan Pesigan in third place, and Dave Javonillo Despabiladeras in fourth place.

The university landed two topnotchers in the February 2022 Mechanical Engineer Licensure Examination with Kenta B. Yagi in eighth place and Gio Kent D. 昂达排名第九.

Meanwhile, four 乐鱼appns excelled in the April 2022 Electronics Engineer Licensure Examination. John Renielle Valenzuela landed in second place, Michael Jherriecho Ayson in third place, Lance Vincent Pascual in fifth place, and Heinz Alfred Juan Tong in ninth place.

乐鱼app总统博士. Reynaldo B. Vea said that the key to 乐鱼app’s consistent performance is its outcomes-based teaching approach. 学生 are provided with a 学习ing environment in which they develop a sound working knowledge of various technical and soft skills with each lesson in each course for the entire program of study.

Outcomes-based education underscores three competencies to ensure students' depth of knowledge.

These include practical competency, which deals with the application and execution levels, 基本的能力, which involves understanding the execution and why, and reflective competency or the ability to analyze, 学习, 和适应.

Dr. Vea said that in the process of teaching and 学习ing towards the attainment of internationally accepted 学习ing outcomes, 乐鱼app automatically prepares students for the licensure exams. The preparation for the global practice of profession becomes a preparation for passing the board exams as well. 乐鱼app employs an outcomes-based approach with the accompanying continuous quality improvement system.

“The better the quality of education, the better the student outcomes, one of which is student performance in board exams,”离析.

自2000年以来, 乐鱼app has recorded 391 board topnotchers across 11 licensure examinations administered by the Professional Regulation Commission.